Sunrise and Sunset

Hello, just a quick one. Just thought I would share my pictures of the sunrise and sunset I captured the other day. Hope you like them.



A trip to Longleat Safari Park

Hi guys! Today me and my boyfriend visited Longleat Safari Park. It was such a lovely day and we were very lucky with the weather too! Another perfect opportunity to take some snaps! Sadly the giraffe and deer feeding and the penguin enclosure was shut which was a shame but we did feed the parakeets. The safari was great too, but a lion tried to jump on our car!! I was a bit scared! The monkeys also pulled off half of my brake light and both my front windscreen washer jets!! Cheeky Monkeys! Let me know which pictures your favourite:) Abbie x

Dads Birthday

Hey guys! Today is my dads birthday so we went out for a lovely lunch and walk down to the beach. Which means a perfect opportunity for snapping some pictures! We saw the funniest looking pigs there, they were fluffy like sheep ! So we called them shigs haha. As we were down the beach we managed to time it perfectly as the marines were doing there manouvers which was very exciting to watch! Also down the beach is an old war bunker which is the panaroma looking photo.

Hello, I’m back!

Hello, it’s been too long since my last post and I’m very sorry! Been very busy and haven’t had a great few weeks.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Arne RSPB reserve with my sister, niece and a friend and my beautiful dog, so perfect camera opportunity. This is a great place to go if you’re into bird photography and wildlife, there are deer roaming around everywhere.